Saturday, May 14, 2011

... if silence is golden then ducktape must be silver ...

Ok, we've not been as active as we've wanted to, and I'm sure that my KPI's will suffer :) but this post is just to prepare you for something. After the first couple of releases we received some comments and suggestions, and seeing that some of these were really actually very useful we started on the long path of implementing them. This turned out to be way more work, and as we kept on making changes, we started adding more "cool" stuff, because adding new things is way better than fixing stuff :)

So within the next couple of days we will be putting version 0.6a out and here are some highlights:

* Working out the box, thats right, no more adding paths and stuff, unzip, start and go
* Scripting interface, API documents will also follow soon
* Fingerprinting service
* Hopefully a cleaner UI
* And as always, plenty more bugs to fix later

Watch this space...