Project Yeti roadmap

The idea with Yeti has always been to break the application into 2 versions, namely a completely free community addition and a commercial edition which will be more suited to the needs of corporate clients that want to manage and monitor their internet footprint.

So for the community addition the first beta release contain the following features...
  • Domain discovery (TLD expansion)
  • Forward lookup brute forcing
  • Reverse lookups
  • Bing searching (IP: and SITE: searches)
  • SSL Certificate scraping :)
  • Basic NMAP integration
  • Saving data to SQLite database
  • Exporting datasets to Microsoft XLS format
  • Tons of super cool, undocumented BUGS (Please report these)
Future features that we are currently working on include...
  • Custom plugin api/framwork
  • Better search engine integration (google, yahoo etc)
  • Better host fingerprinting 
  • Basic reporting
  • More super cool and undocumented BUGS (Please report these)
Then the commercial edition, this edition will contain all the free feature as well as some better management tools/functionality. These will include...
  • More advanced reports as well as a custom report API
  • Footprint Delta, the ability to view your footprint over a time period
  • SPEX integration (more detail to follow, all that you need to know at this point is that it is going to be awesome!)
  • Support and custom development
Now as for a timeline we currently have no fixed release dates, however we are going to try and have atleast one release per month and have the first commercial edition out within the next 6 months.

If you, the reader/user, have any ideas or feature request please feel free to let us know, any and all input from our user community will be considered.