Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Release 0.5b (we have version numbers now)

Hi Everybody,
Sorry we've been so quiet, but we've be sorting some gremlins and doing training, well in short we've been training to earn our keep here at SensePost....

But I've got a new release out today with some nice fixes on the ForwardLookup (hostname brute  forcing) it should go a lot faster plus you can now do large lists of domains in a single go. I just did a test on brute forcing about 2000 domains in a single go, it took some time but the app handled it with no problems :)

There are some other bug fixes, minor tweaks here and there, so check out the First releasenotes.txt file that shipped with the application.

Some highlights in the next release to look out for will be a custom data exporter and some custom search engine searches, so in short, watch this space.

O and by the way I'll be pushing out a new tutorial a bit later this week.

As always, have some fun!


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