Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why don't apps have a "Make it better" menu option?

Well that means more work for the developers :) I actually got that off a tweet @mubix, and that kinda stuck with me. I'm building Yeti to work in a way to solve a problem that I've got, and in turn I'm sharing it with the world, however, I doubt that the way I like things are the same as most other @people out there.
So to compromise, instead of adding a menu option I've decided to add a weekly poll, so that people out there, meaning you, can choose how I spend my free time. (Note option 4 :P)
Also, I would like people using Yeti, to tell me the single most annoying feature of the app, and if what they like to be done to it. Trust me, I'll get round to it ... eventually.


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