Tuesday, February 1, 2011

... and here we go!!!

It's FINALLY here, the first beta version of the JYeti client, it's been awhile coming but here it is.
This version contains the basic set of functionality that we require for doing footprint, these include
  • Top level domain expansion (tld expand)
  • Forward lookups (mx,ns,a,cname and zone transfers)
  • Reverse lookups (ptr records)
  • Cert Extraction (getting the common name, and domain from ssl cert)
  • Bing IP/Site searches
So this should be a good starting point

Some stuff that got left out of this release is the Netblocks editor, vitality scanner and the GeoLocations, this will be in the next release that is ear marked for next week.

Some things to keep in mind...
When you start the app for the firt time it will present you with a config screen where you need to fill in some information
  1. Microsoft BING api key, you need to grab 1 from the Bing developers site http://www.bing.com/developers/appids.aspx
  2. The forward bruteforce lookup files, in the tar.bz2 file you download you find a directory named "bruteforcedata" just add the path to that directory
  3. The tld expand tld list is also supplied inside the tar.bz2 file and it can be located under the "tlddata"
  4. Java Runtime 1.6 yip, this is a java app so sadly you are going to have to install it 
This is the short and basic info, I'm sure that in time there will be a lot more data and information added, so please come back.
As for bug/special behavior, please report them directly to me (./w or willem@sensepost.com) or (Evetar  or evert@sensepost.com) and we will try and sort them out as soon as non-humanly possible.
As for help files/tutorials, there isn't currently any, HOWEVER, over the course of the next couple of days I will be releasing some clips/tutorials that will deal with every aspect of the application, so don't despair, just bookmark the feed :)

As for feature requests, all of them will be welcomed and considered.

So here we go, grab the file from here [download] and have a ton of fun


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