Friday, February 4, 2011

progress report...

Hi, like Evert said, some gremlins did creep in, in the last release. Sorry about that.

I've spend some time now to try and sort out as many issues as possible, but for now here is a list of some of the changes what was made:
  1. Improved forward lookups, it should be noticeably faster now
  2. I've you click the view button on the job progress panel, it will switch tabs for you now
  3. "Clear" button on the result screen is fixed
  4. "Check all" checkbox is also fixed now
  5. You can now save your footprints as SQLite db files and reopen them
there were also tons of little fixes that I'm not going to mention here.
From the next release on Monday 7th, '11 I will start including proper release notes with a detailed description of changes that was made.

Hope you are having fun so far.


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